Family Holidays

In the twenty first century we are spoilt for choice when it comes to family holidays. When you are a parent the time seems to go so quickly and before you know it, your children can grow up. As such it is important to grab what time you can spare and make the most of it. Within our busy daily routines, it is not always easy to make enough time for the kids and enjoy their company and that is why family holidays are so important.

So what types of family holidays are best? Children love to run around and play. They enjoy meeting new friends, using playgrounds, swimming pools and other sporting activities. You may be able to get that at some large holiday hotels abroad, but you also have the hassle of queueing at airports, getting transfers or hiring a car at the resort.

That is one of the main reasons why holiday parks are so popular for family holidays. Although all parks are different, the larger ones all have swimming pools, playgrounds and other sports facilities like football pitches. These are great for allowing the kids to run and let off steam while the parents can relax in the caravan or other accommodation knowing that the kids are safe and having fun.

Even if it rains, holiday parks can entertain the kids. There are usually kids clubs which operate a weekly programme of various games and other activities.

So what about the accommodation? We all like a change and so when you go to stay at a holiday park it feels exciting to be staying somewhere different. Children love the idea of caravans and lodges as they are almost like play houses to them. They love to play hide and seek, or run around outside and it is all part of a memorable holiday. Obviously if you stay at a park with apartments, it will still be exciting but in a different way.

The larger holiday parks also have free family entertainment. This can include bingo, discos and live music. Audience participation is an important part of the entertainment and there are often games to involve the children, such as singing, jokes or dancing contests.

These are exactly the type of holidays that are enjoyable and memorable for kids. If the kids are happy then the parents can be too.

Family Holidays are the memories that we all cherish from our childhood. See our guide to what makes a good family holiday